Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lots of News with my Mom and Dad in Arizona

Lots of things happening in Arizona with my Mom and Dad.

My mother has been  suffering with intense pain from a herniated disk in her lower back.  This last week she went and had surgery to try to get some relief. 

The great thing is that my sisters are close by to help, and Mary is totaly connected on the medical side of things! 

Our mom is now home and says there is significantly less pain!  Whoo-yah!

The other big news is that a cat has decided to adopt my parents and had kitties last week as well!

This picture of "Princess" and her three new babies brought a ton of memories back for me.

We always had cats on the farm when I was growing up, and in fact I even had baby kittens delivered in my arms while hauling one momma cat to the quanset hut / shop!

When I was older and would visit Mom and Dat in Montana, there always was a cat in there lives.  Either inherited from my sisters or a wandering cat that adopted my parents.

I mean, what cat wouldn't adopt my Dad!  There was many a night when he came home from grave yard shift to treat the cats to half n half and tuna!!  And don't mess with his cats, just ask Fluffy in cat heaven what happens when you decide to whoop ass on one of Jean's.  It does not end well!

So, when "Princess" showed up and was treated to half n half and tuna in Minton, AZ, she was no dummy and decided this was a great place to settle in and have some babies!

This picture also reminds me of my Mom, sitting in the background watching and worrying about her kids!

So, Joanne, Marla, Mary, Jordy, and I are hoping that "Princess" and at least one of the new kittens have a new home with Jean and Mary in Minton, AZ!  

It would be like winning the Lotto if you are a cat!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Digging out after over 2 feet

We had a little over 2 feet of snow Friday, ending Saturday morning.  

When I have the time available, I like helping the neighbors out by snow blowing more than just Joey and my place.

Started a little before 8 am and finished a little after 2:30 pm.

The sun came out around noon and dried out everything I had
done, but it will get down to about 9 deg tonight and will be
slick in the morning!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Too Snowy

It's too snowy for the cats to go outside.
So, it's time to snuggle up to Joey while she is reading, and
do their best at helping us with chores!