Friday, May 31, 2013

Montana Memorial Day Vacation

Joanne and I are back from a very fun trip to Montana to see family and for me to help brand at my boss's Montana ranch South of Three Forks. 
First stop was in Hardin, MT to see Ron and Peggy.  It was a big week for them, since they are retiring from their teaching positions.
They have placed their home on the market and in the process of figuring out the next step of their lives.  Very exciting!

We then took off for Belgrade to see Mary, and stopped in Big Timber for a fun 9 holes of golf.
While Joey visited and golfed with Mary, I took off to help out with branding at my boss's ranch.

It is a very pretty place South of Three Forks, MT with the Madison River on the Eastern side of the ranch.

Rounding up the cows, sorting, inoculating, and branding went pretty smooth with lot's of helpers like me.
Then we headed up to Helena, to spend a couple days with Pat.  We golfed, hiked, and enjoyed Pat's great cooking!

 After a lot of visiting, it was time to head back home with a fun trip through Yellowstone NP.

It was a great trip, and it was nice to get home and squeeze our cat's hello!  :~)