Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fighting a Cold

Joanne has spent the last two days fighting a wicked cold, that she caught from me.
I have seen studies that not much really helps in shortening a cold's duration, but we can see here that Joanne is testing if pumpkin pie will help.
The real secret remedy is to have the pumpkin pie with a Hibernation Ale! 
Very Yummy, and I felt so good that I went on a 50+ mile road bike ride today!

If this home remedy doesn't work for your cold, I prescribe to have several until you can't feel your achy nose anymore and crawl off to bed for a solid "Hibernation Ale" induced coma!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Thanksgiving Weekend Watching Huskers vs CU

  Joanne cooked a great Thanksgiving dinner at our house!   Rich, Barb, Rachel, her friend Jared, and our good friend Jeffrey had a whole lot of fun eating, drinking, and playing a game that Joanne had gotten.  Each of us took turns drawing a card and answering the question on the card.  Most of the questions were serious and thought provoking.

Then on Friday Joanne and I got to go to the Nebraska Huskers vs. Colorado University in Lincoln, NE with my boss who is a season ticket holder.
The trip did not start out smooth, but we made it there, had excellent seats, fun fans around us, and had a whole lot of fun watching Nebraska beat CU.

Unfortunately, Joanne has caught my cold that I brought back from Illinois, and is suffering today.
Hopefully, she will be on the mend tomorrow.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sneaking in a Favorite

Yesterday, Joanne said that she was not ready for a winter on the trainers in the basement.  Then she said she wanted to brave the cold and sneak in a ride on South Table Mountain. 
She did not have to twist my arm!
We have a lot of gear for riding in the cold, but Joanne's asthma really kicks in at 40 deg and below.   I could tell as the ride progressed and the temps dropped that she would pay for this fun ride with a lot of coughing.
The trails were dry and we only had to share the whole area with two other bundeled up adventureres.   I hope we get to sneak in some more of these this winter!

After hot showers to warm up icy fingers and toes, it was off to the Red Tango for an excellent dinner date!

I am off to Illinois on Sunday to work on our first well out there, and I don't get to go to Seattle with Joanne as planned.  I was really disappointed, but that is how it goes with an oilfield job. 

So, the next post will probably be from East of here.    A long way East.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday Evening Walk for a Beer and Green Chile with Erin

Last Friday we took a fun walk with Erin after work to the Golden Hotel for a beer and some of their famous green chile.
Our typical routine is to walk down the alley and spy on the neighbors, and stumble back with smiles on our faces with full and happy tummies!

We are trying our best to coerce her into moving to Golden!  :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Erin's First Mtn Bike Ride

We took Erin on her first mountain bike ride on a sunnny fall day between Golden and Boulder.
Unfortunately, Erin had the only camera and we didn't get a picture of her - damn!

The trail started out as a rocky single track and got better and better as we went.

I was worried at first, but Erin did GREAT !

We did a fifteen mile loop and then we went to Woodys for pizza and a beer.
Simply fantastic!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall in Golden ( pics by Erin )

It has been probably the nicest weather in the fall that I can remember.

Our neice Erin has been occaisionaly staying with us, and we are hoping that she will like Golden enough to set roots down here.
She certainly has a talent for taking good photos.
How she gets Rex to pose I'll never know!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day at the Movies

One of the fun things about doing the Leadville 100 Mtn bike race the last two years is that a botique movie was made both years on the event.

When your in the race you experience your little slice of the event.  It is really fun to watch it from a different perspective months after all the training is done and the pain of the event is long gone.

Last year, the movie was mostly about Lance Armstrong battling 6 time winner and local favorite Dave Wiens. 

However, there was a cameo closeup of Joanne at the very end that made her squeal "That's Me!"

There are 1,500 plus stories of people taking on the challenge that day, it will be fun to see which one's they capture this year.  

Training for the Leadville 100 has changed Joanne's and my life.   I guess our story would be that it is a hard event that is barely within our grasp, that we prep for togethor, all year long.

Normal people trying to accomplish something a little beyond the norm.   

If you get to see the movie you will undoubtedly see footage of some of America's best mountain bikers pushing all out for a top position or win.

You'll also see a lot of normal people, going a little beyond the norm.

All with stories of a journey.

RACE ACROSS THE SKY 2010 - showing Thursday 11-4-2010