Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day at the Movies

One of the fun things about doing the Leadville 100 Mtn bike race the last two years is that a botique movie was made both years on the event.

When your in the race you experience your little slice of the event.  It is really fun to watch it from a different perspective months after all the training is done and the pain of the event is long gone.

Last year, the movie was mostly about Lance Armstrong battling 6 time winner and local favorite Dave Wiens. 

However, there was a cameo closeup of Joanne at the very end that made her squeal "That's Me!"

There are 1,500 plus stories of people taking on the challenge that day, it will be fun to see which one's they capture this year.  

Training for the Leadville 100 has changed Joanne's and my life.   I guess our story would be that it is a hard event that is barely within our grasp, that we prep for togethor, all year long.

Normal people trying to accomplish something a little beyond the norm.   

If you get to see the movie you will undoubtedly see footage of some of America's best mountain bikers pushing all out for a top position or win.

You'll also see a lot of normal people, going a little beyond the norm.

All with stories of a journey.

RACE ACROSS THE SKY 2010 - showing Thursday 11-4-2010

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  1. "Normal people trying to accomplish something a little beyond the norm." What a great philosophy for living life. Though I would think that the Leadville 100 is A LOT more than 'a little beyond the norm'.