Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sneaking in a Favorite

Yesterday, Joanne said that she was not ready for a winter on the trainers in the basement.  Then she said she wanted to brave the cold and sneak in a ride on South Table Mountain. 
She did not have to twist my arm!
We have a lot of gear for riding in the cold, but Joanne's asthma really kicks in at 40 deg and below.   I could tell as the ride progressed and the temps dropped that she would pay for this fun ride with a lot of coughing.
The trails were dry and we only had to share the whole area with two other bundeled up adventureres.   I hope we get to sneak in some more of these this winter!

After hot showers to warm up icy fingers and toes, it was off to the Red Tango for an excellent dinner date!

I am off to Illinois on Sunday to work on our first well out there, and I don't get to go to Seattle with Joanne as planned.  I was really disappointed, but that is how it goes with an oilfield job. 

So, the next post will probably be from East of here.    A long way East.

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  1. That's the pits that you won't be in Seattle. I will though.