Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Training Film

The weather outside is frightful . . . so we have been relegated to riding the trainers in the basement for our long weekend rides. We have watched some Bronco games (sometimes naughty, sometimes nice) and also caught up on several movies. NetFlix rocks.

Here are several films we’ve watched in past month:

Wall-E was really enjoyable – and there was almost no dialog so the roar of the CompuTrainers wasn’t too distracting.

Breaking Away
- a cycling classic from 1979.

Marathon Challenge
- a dozen people, none of whom exercise regularly, train for the Boston Marathon.

Spirit of the Marathon
- follows 6 people during their preparation for the Chicago Marathon.

Both marathon movies are quite inspirational – they mirror in many ways the training that Phil and I endure preparing for Leadville. If you don’t build a proper base, you just can’t finish a long endurance event. Both movies show that motivation matters, but ultimately staying healthy and injury-free makes all the difference.

The Flying Scotsman
- [Johnny Lee Miller was Angelina Jolie’s first husband – which is totally irrelevant, but an interesting tidbit, nonetheless.]
For many of his 37 years Graeme Obree possessed single-minded passion for one thing, bicycling's hour record. Obree broke that record twice--in 1993 and 1994--but instead of being heralded as the revolutionary champion he was, Obree was lambasted and ridiculed. This movie is about him.

Bee Movie was only so-so. I was never a Seinfeld fan, so take my opinion with a grain of salt . . .

I’ve focused on motivating or funny films so far. The dramas might make an appearance as time goes on.

If you have any suggestions for other films to help us endure the hours, drop me a note or submit a comment - thanks!

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