Thursday, June 11, 2009

Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon

Or . . . Wife Beater II.

He’s serious, folks.

In the effort to go into his 50th year holding the household records at the Bob Cook Memorial Mt Evans Hill Climb and the Leadville 100 MTB Race, Phil is leaving no technological advantage unexplored.

His new Sampson Diablo road bike has proven to be a fast “devil,” as the name warrants. Phil is climbing well and tearing it up when we go on training rides.

To keep his advantage when the course calls for singletrack rather than pavement, he brought home a new trophy this week – a beautiful, potentially sub-20 pound, Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon bike. Reviewers love it!

I think my braggin’ days may be over!

Phil bought the bike from Golden Bike Shop, then hounded Thane, our friendly wrench, to get it built up in record time.

This newborn doesn't have to sleep in the garage - Phil spent half the winter cleaning up his shop just so he'd have the perfect shrine in which to worship at the carbon altar.

It's the little details . . . [Santa Cruz head tube logo].

Ergon grips - keep your hands happy!

Shimano XTR shifters.

A carbon water bottle cage, for goodness sake!!

Stan's No Tubes ZTR Race wheelset. Nice!!

Lots of controversy at the bike shop over which tires to run, but Phil is trying out the Continental Mountain King 2.2.

Phil spent several weeks test-riding saddles to find one that didn't make him miserable. The WTB Deva finally beat out the competition. Phil now has this saddle on his Sampson and his "old" Santa Cruz Blur MTB, too.

He went with a Rock Shox Monarch 3.3 for his rear shock.

Race Face cranks. [Lighter than Shimano XTR cranks - and they are pretty, too!]

Shimano XTR rear derailleur.

Magura Marta SL disc brakes. [the "racer's buddy"!]

Pretty no matter which direction you're looking . . .

Magura MD 100 front fork.

A truly beautiful bike - we'll take it out and get it dirty at Buffalo Creek this weekend - whee!


  1. Why not a 29er? Why not a hard tail if the target is Leadville? As a 26 FS, heck of a bike, nice choice.

  2. Good questions! Phil is only 5'8", so a 29er, while theoretically an option, may just be too large for him to ride comfortably.

    He did look at hardtails, but the weight penalty with the full suspension Blur Carbon is minimal, and the comfort is maximized. Best of both worlds.