Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Begins

The obsessing over details.

Which tires should I use?

Kenda Small Block 8? This is the tire Phil plans to run.

Specialized Fast Track?

Specialized The Captain - my choice in 2007 and what I have on my bike currently.

What tire pressure should I run?

At least I know I'm going tubeless – one decision made.

Should I wear full length leg warmers or just knee warmers?

How many ounces of water in my Camelbak at the start?
Should I try to make it all the way to Twin Lakes with one big Camelbak bladder (100 ounces) or should I start with a small one (70 ounces) and swap for another lighter one (50 ounces? 70 ounces?) at the Pipeline outbound?

I know I've had good luck with Gu and Enervitene Cheerpacks in the past, but will it be enough?

What types of food should I send with my crew just in case?

Oh crap! My crew! What to tell them? Where do they need to be? When do they need to be there? Do they have chairs and sunscreen and umbrellas and snacks and . . .?

Supplements? How many Sportlegs should I take? Or E-Caps? Don't forget the Advil/ Excedrin/ Imitrex/ Flovent inhaler . . .

Tapering. When do I start to taper? Will it be enough? Will it be too much? Remember to focus on intensity while decreasing duration. How intense is intense enough?

Which bike shorts will be comfortable for 12 hours?
Ok, no bike shorts are comfortable for 12 hours. Will it be the Shebeest shorts with the Century Chamois? Or the Descente shorts with carbon inserts for muscle support?

Do I need a new music mix for my iPod?

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