Saturday, November 21, 2009

Phil's Update

Phil is helping me out since I've been a lazy blogger recently . . .

You know the blog has been quiet when we start getting questions like, “What are you up to now…..?”

The answer: Landscaping in the winter; starting our first week of a 39 week training plan for the Leadville 100 – 2010 edition; keeping up with our busy jobs; and dealing with it being dark and cold.

We finished the crushed rock walk around the front of the house last weekend before the big snow hit. I moved about 6 tons of rock and crusher fines on Saturday for the finishing touches. Our friend / neighbor Hillary gave some suggestions and we used the crusher fines for base and ¾” crushed granite on top.

Last Sunday we woke up to about a foot of snow, so it ended up being another day of shoveling – snow instead of rocks this time. Luckily, Joanne did more than her share since my back was tired from hauling rock. This weekend there is still too much snow in the back to work on that walk-way.

However, the roads were dry so we went for a forty miler. There is a reason why Golden’s promotional web site is named!

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