Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Man Killer Details

I took advantage of the snowy evening yesterday and made my second visit to our local bike shop (Golden Bike Shop)  to talk about ordering the Man Killer.

Most people go to a bike shop and pick out a bike that is already built and on the floor, and they take the bike as is – maybe they change out the saddle and the stem, but otherwise, they buy "off the rack." That is generally a great way to go (especially if you go to a good bike shop).

I'm not doing that with this bike. I'm individually selecting every component and having the whole bike built to my custom specs. So, it takes a little bit of fussing and chatting and "what to do you think about this" discussions before you place the final order.

Some of the things I'm thinking about doing are a little out of the ordinary, so Adam, the bike shop manager (think "drug dealer" for bike junkies), called Pivot (the frame manufacturer), to ask some questions.

I hear Adam say "Hi Chris. . . .Uh huh; yes, I'm sure we can build it lighter than your standard build kit. . . . Really? You'd do that? Great!"

"Chris" is Chris Cocalis – the owner and chief designer of Pivot bikes. He's a big deal in bike world. Chris agreed to do the custom build at Pivot. That is unusual, unexpected and undeniably cool! It means Adam doesn't have to scour around for all the bits and pieces to put together the bike. Pivot will do it at the factory, and due to economy of scale, they can probably pull it together for less than Adam could have.

I've decided do go with the SRAM XX component group. Ridiculously expensive, but almost a full pound lighter than the Shimano XTR component group.

Here are some photos of the SRAM XX bling:

Eight of the cogs are CNC-machined together out of a single block of billet steel, creating an incredibly lightweight, precise, and strong cassette. It’s a process that takes nine hours per cassette! The aluminum large cog can be replaced as needed. You have never seen a cassette that looks like this. The open design aids in mud clearance, giving you cleaner shifting performance and longer component life.

One of the lightest and most compact shifters ever created, the XX Trigger features a fully adjustable carbon fiber lever, resulting in minimal weight with maximized durability. Pair the XX Trigger with the MatchMaker™ X clamp to streamline your handlebar setup. The XX Trigger maintains the legacy of X.0™ shifting with new features and technologies optimized for 2x10 and Exact Actuation.

The XX Crank delivers amazing performance and durability with no penalties in weight. The first MTB crank specifically designed for 2x10 uses some of the world’s most advanced material science. The oversized chainrings are CNC machined 7075 Aluminum blanks—2mm thicker than the competition. Unparalleled stiffness is delivered by an increased Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) and a two-piece insert-molded carbon composite construction. The XX Crank geometry provides a narrow 156mm Q factor, efficient chainline, and beveled crank arms to maximize clearance. It’s pure science in action.


RockShox is the leader in remote suspension controls. The domination continues. The patent-pending XX XLoc works simply: just press to open and press again to return to lock. The system is completely sealed and installs directly out of the box. The sealed system combats contamination with perfection and can be simply bled if needed. The hose is lighter and extremely flexible for distinct actuation. Also, we've produced 60 grams of weight savings compared to our PushLoc™/BlackBox® Motion Control™ actuated system. The minimalist design is compact and efficient, providing superior ergonomics without compromising the cockpit. XLoc integrates the MatchMaker™ X clamp for the ideal customized handlebar setup.

XX Motion Control damping offers the same great characteristics as our other Motion Control dampers: efficient small-bump performance and incredible reliability in a highly tunable package. Featuring Dual Flow rebound to accurately control beginning and ending stroke rebound, tunable low-speed compression, and the XLoc™ hydraulic actuated remote to turn on our lock-out and adjust the desired Floodgate. XX Motion Control can handle rider input, small bumps, and big hits any way you see fit.


  1. Passion is what makes life worth living. I love that you share your passions with us. PK

  2. This is going to be a great build.