Friday, July 23, 2010

Working, Drilling, Training, and Landscaping

I have found the hard way that it is not as easy as I first imagined to find time to write a simple blog on what Joanne and I are up to.

As we get closer to the Leadville 100 race the training intensity and duration increases, a lot!

Then you throw in working on an ambitious landscaping project.

While juggling your day job as well as traveling for work to manage 24 hour a day, every day of the week type operations.

Then, I realize I have not entered anything in the blog for weeks and I find myself wondering, how does that studly babe - Lisa find the time to put out such a beautiful blog.  

Over and over again.   You are my blogging hero!

I don't even have kids.  Whew, I am a slacker.

Well, those are my excuses as poor as they are.

The first race of 3 in a month is tomorrow.  The Mt Evans Hill Climb - 28 miles up hill.  From 6,000' to over 14,000' elevation.  

It can really make you hurt!!!!!   

I was stupid enough to tease George into doing it on the tandem one year, and that is the most strenuous 3 hours I have ever experienced.  I went from thinking I might have a stroke or heart attack, to hoping I would have one to make the pain stop.

It is much easier riding up hill solo, then on a tandem.  Although, it is still a real challenge to get to the top and hopefully beat a previous personal time.   As well as a real test of how effective nine months of training has been.

We will see.......the hard way.  Just like finding out how difficult it is to keep up with a blog.  :)


  1. As we relax in our newly fenced back yard, under a shady tree with some sort of cold adult beverage in my hand, I will wish you well and wish you good luck!!! You're fairly studly yourself!! Peggy

  2. Oh dear, that is extremely nice of you to say but if you arrived at my house right now and saw the laundry baskets stacked high, pantry stalled at half reorganized and front yard landscaping project in dire need of attention you would realize that I use the blog as my ESCAPE from much needed housework:-)
    Sorry to hear about Joey's injuries. Hope they can get it figure out so she can get back to fully operational!