Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Visit from Mitch

My close friend from high school days, Mitch came to visit for a day.  I am very lucky that work brings him to Denver every once and a while.  He conviently stayed over for Saturday which allowed for a fun walk in the morning for a breakfast bagel!

Then a nice hike up North Table Mesa above Golden, and back to the Golden Hotel patio over Clear Creek for lunch!
I even managed to get a picture of TWO people who hate their picture taken!

Mitch was my inspiration in High School for trying to go to college.  He even loaned me money one semester while I was at the tail end of Mines. 

After I graduated from Mines and got back from playing Army, Mitch was driving truck to earn money for law school.  He would occaisionaly get a haul out of Golden hauling Coor's beer.  Of course this was pre-cell phone and I would only know when he was in town when I came home and saw a semi parked on the street.  

Today reminded me of those days, about 25 years ago now, ouch - where does the time go!   :)

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  1. Yeah, but with your old friends, even though you know time has flown, it does stop when you get together. For me, it is sort of like drinking from the fountain of youth when I'm with old friends. Old friends know you, probably better than your parents, siblings or your spouse, and they still care for you. You can probably be more authentic with an old, dear friend than at most times of your life. Enuf philosophy...glad you had a good weekend. Peggy