Friday, July 22, 2011

A Visit to Glenwood Springs

The national caver convention is in Colorado every 20 years, and this year it is being held at Glenwood Springs.

The kickoff party was being held at Glenwood Caverns on Monday night, so I took off Monday and Tuesday to visit with old friends I have made being a caver and through developing Glenwood Caverns.

Monday morning I drove over to Glenwood Springs, took the tram up to the cave, and walked down hill to visit our neighbors to our cave and my good friends, JAC and Celina.

JAC and Celina have the adjacent property down slope from Glenwood Caverns.   They have one of the most unique homes in the U.S.   Their home is built inside a cave in a cliff about 600' above Glenwood Springs and the Colorado River.

The building to the left of their pickup is an elevator that JAC bought in a government auction from a hydroelectric dam in South Dakota.   Their truck and the elevator are sitting on the edge of the cliff their home is in.

Prior to the recent addition by JAC of an elevator shaft and elevator, one would have to take the stairs down to their home.
After walking down about 150 stairs along the side of the cliff, you turn the corner and you are at their home.
Once your in their home, you quickly forget that it has been built inside a cave on a cliff.  Until you look out the picture window and see hawks soaring by, or when you walk on the deck and look down 600' to the river.
JAC and Celina are some of the hardest workers I have ever met!  

Whenever I am feeling over whelmed with one of my projects, I think of building a home in a cliff!   Now that is a project!!!


  1. OMGosh. They should be featured in some architectural magazine ... or maybe This Old House ;). Quite amazing. Peggy

    1. More like this old fortress.