Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oceans to Rain Forests

Joanne and I went to Olympic National Park in Washington for a long weekend and to spend some time with her nephew Tom's family  - Lisa, Madison and Nora.
It started with a long road trip around the Northern end of Olympic National Park.
We made it to our cabin on the Pacific Ocean and the West side of Olympic National Park, and it looked like it would be several days of playing in the rain.
Fortunately Madison and Nora's fancy rain hats scared the rain away, and we got to enjoy a bunch of sunshine in between a couple of showers.
Which led to goofing off on the beach at low tide.
Exploring our first temperate zone rain forrest!
Kite flying lessons ( while juggling a beer - quite impressive )
Exploring our 2nd temperate zone rain forrest ( there are only 3 in North America )
Warming up inside the cabin with a fire!
Playing games!
Beach hiking in the rain!
Reconnecting with family!
Wondering when the next attack of the "Biting Fishers" will occur?!  

Hopefully soon!


  1. The kids said it was really fun at the beach. Glad you could get together and share.

  2. It all looks wonderful. Lots of neat pictures. So glad you were able to get together. (and wish we could have been along too.) PK