Sunday, November 13, 2011

Starting the Fence for the Gate That Goes No Where

A weekend with good weather, no rigs running, and Derrek is able to work.   Time to start building fence that will keep the deer out of the back yard!

We had already cored the concrete sill 16" deep with a 3" hole with a diamond coring drill.   I pieced togethor the drill from three old ones that Glenwood Caverns purchased with Pete Prebble's stuff. 
Derrek borrowed a transit to allow us to quickly level posts.
Better part of a day was occupied with preping rusty posts for Derrek to weld base plates too.

It was chilly most of the day, and so I wore my favorite stocking cap that my nephew Kevin gave me for Christmas several years back!
We would slip the posts in the core holes, then Derrek slips the base plates on and spot welds the plate on when the post is plumb.
Then we would pull them out and Derek welded a solid weld on both sides of the plate.  Then wire brush welds, and clean the end of the poles off for epoxing.

We set all the posts up and measured with the transit to see how much we needed to chop off of each.

Then we chopped off ends, preped the tops for future welding, and started to epoxy posts in.

The epoxying proved to be painfully slow.   Final product is solid, but it takes forever to get a pole done.

Now we need to order the rest of the steel in for the cross beams, wait for more good weather and Derrek to be available.

The project goes in spurts, but I am not in a hurry.   

I really enjoy building with Derrek during the day, sitting down togethor at night to eat a great meal prepared by Joanne, and then drawing out possibilities for what we will do next!

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