Friday, March 23, 2012

What will always remind me of Kauai - Chickens!

There are chickens everywhere in Kauai, except in the ocean!  Housing communities, shopping centers, national parks, golf courses, on the beach, or deep into the bush - they are everywhere!

They are beautiful, and I loved seeing them!

However, hearing the roosters from 3 am in the morning until about 8 am gets a little old!

The island does not have mongooses, like the other islands so the chicken population thrives.  

The mongooses were brought in to control the rats, but there was one small problem.  Rats run around at night and mongooses run around during the day.  So, no rat control.

While off loading the mongooses imported to Kauai, the person bringing them to the island got bitten.  So, that batch went swimming in a cage and Kauai never got mongooses.

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  1. I can't remember HOW the chickens got on the islands....from the sailing ships is my guess. Peggy