Thursday, May 10, 2012

Going the Distance

The 4" PVC quit going into the old sewer line after only one foot of progress.  After a while I began to get a little nervous.  

Then I went in the basement to watch the pulling machine and to ask a lot of questions on why no pipe was being pulled.
The machine acted like it was putting a huge pull on cable with the stuck wedge and the new sewer pipe behind it.

I asked "do you ever snap your cable". 
Answer " sometimes". 
me -"What happens then?"
Answer "We trench"
I studied the operation a little more and finally noticed that the bottom hydraulic actuated cable clamp was not holding.  So, although it acted like it was really pulling hard on the line, it was just pulling the same amount and sliping back.

I pointed out the problem, phone calls were made, parts were sent over with a supervisor, and an hour latter pipe was moving again.
It started going in at 3" a pull, and eventually was going in about a foot each pull.
Soon, the line had gone the distance.  The new sewer line was cut off to length and tied into the street.
The pulling machine was disconnected after a lot of jostling around and swearing.  Then the new line was tied in to the old sewer line and other drains.
The street hole was filled, and then the basement hole was filled and recemented.  
By 9:30pm the crew had packed up, cleaned up and heading home after a very long day.

Our wallett is now a little lighter, but it is a relief to have that behind us and taken care of.


  1. Oh my gosh! Guess every crew needs a well informed and observant supervisor. So glad it turned out well. Could have been so awful. Pk

  2. And now for al long awaited shower??