Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flowers - while they last

It has been a hot dry late spring, but my flower pots are holding up so far.
I figured I had better get some pictures before the heat gets to them.


  1. Heat what heat? It's 104 here toady.
    You have been worse, right?

  2. Sorry, I missed this posting. A florist friend told me about a product called 'soil moist'. It's some sort of a polymer ? That retains water. It's in a granular form, and your just stir it into your potting soil. It releases the moisture more evenly. Mt hey used it to make cooling gear for Desert Storm. This is my first season to try it. Seems to really help.
    Your flowers are lovely. Mine are all at my front door so that my neighbor can water them all. The tomatoes are on their own, mostly.