Sunday, September 23, 2012

REI Tents are the BEST!

During our camp out at Bogan Flats, I saw that our friends and neighbors are big supporters of REI.  Especially REI tents!   That's Joey in front of our 6 person - spread it all out and walk around inside model.

 I think almost every REI model was represented.
Smaller ones...Brant and Laurie setting up their two person - still young lover's - get cozy model.
Medium size ones...Bryon, Crystal, Brenna, and Kormac's bring the whole family model.
Brian, Julia, Griffin & Lilly's palace - room to put 2 air mattresses - why rough it model.
Our nephew - Tom works for REI and all we can say is, keep up the great work!!!

Oh, and Tom - everyone with an older model envied the new tent duffle bag with the built in tent peg holder pockets.  Nice touch!

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  1. I think that's a REI commercial in the making. As least a customer Rave!!