Monday, December 3, 2012

Arizona Vist

Still having trouble with creating blogs, especially from home.

Pictures just do not load up, but that is a story for a different time. 

I went down to Arizona before Thanksgiving to visit my family, and enjoy the warm weather.
Marla and Kev have remodeled the front of their house, and it was fun to sit in front of a fire, drink beers and visit.

Jordy is growing like a weed and is turning into a teenager!  It is amazing how much she changes each year. 
Mom and Dad have a new boss of their house!  He is one spoiled hombre!  Get's enough loving for about 10 cats!

Joanne always says that when she comes back in her next life that she want's to be one of her sister's cats.  I now know what she means...


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  1. Cats rule! As it should be.....nice to see your family pics, too. What a wonderful patio space. Peggy