Monday, November 10, 2008

A Brief Blog Break

My computer (circa 2002) didn't give me the blue screen of death, but it was beginning to operate S-L-O-W and erratically. Phil took pity on me and we ordered a new computer last week.

Neither Phil nor I have heard anything good about Vista, so we specifically found – and ordered - a desktop that could be "downgraded" to an XP operating system. Unfortunately, when I went to pick it up yesterday, it was a Vista machine. I refused it. The Geek Squad guy was unhappy that he's going to have to re-order a computer and then re-install the special features (mirrored drives for back-up capabilities). But he basically said, I don't blame you – Vista is a piece of crap.

So, I am without a home computer for the time being.

When I'm back on-line I'll have reports – with photos - on the two cyclocross races Phil and I did this weekend . . . one good . . . and one disappointing.

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