Monday, November 3, 2008

Dynamic Stretching

Last May Phil and I did the Kokopelli Trail MTB ride with Bikerpelli Sports. One of the other riders we met on the trip was a personal trainer. We noticed Dan and his friend Mario on the first day because they are big guys. Both played college football.

But even more striking than their size were the warm ups we saw them performing each morning and during the day after breaks. Dan explained the theories of dynamic stretching to us. This New York Times article discusses the concept.

We started working with Dan at the end of May and learned several dynamic stretches aimed at helping us loosen our chronically tight hips, as well as stregthen our core by challenging our balance.

If you are looking for a few warm ups to challenge you, take a look at the suggestions on Mark Verstegen's Core Performance site. My favorites include:

1. LEG CRADLE - This movement will help improve the mobility around your hip capsule

2. KNEE HUG (MOVING) - This movement is a great way to build strength, stability & mobility

3. HALF KNEELING LUNGE STRETCH - This stretch works through the hips, glutes and hamstring


5. DROP LUNGE - This movement is a great way to improve the flexibility of your whole hip capsule

6. BACKWARD LUNGE WITH LATERAL FLEXION (MOVING) - This movement will help improve the mobility of your hips

7. LYING OPPOSITE - PHYSIOBALLThis movement will help prevent back injury by developing your rotary stability

8. PHYSIOBALL LATERAL ROLL - This movement will help provide lateral stability

9. INVERTED HAMSTRING STRETCH (BACKWARD) - This movement is one of our favorites for elongating your hamstring and improving your balance



  1. I was wondering if you would
    catch the NYT article? Great Post!

  2. Jay really likes Mark Verstegen. He has a couple of Mark's books, which he uses at work.