Sunday, February 15, 2009

Field Trip to Boulder Indoor Cycling Center

Phil, Jeffrey and I took a little field trip to Boulder today to check out the Boulder Indoor Cycling Center. It boasts a 142-meter indoor velodrome and a small area for working on mountain bike skills.
[The pitch on those corners freaked me out!]
[Looks like fun - teeter totters and rock gardens to practice your MTB skills.]

While I don’t know that I’ll ever give track riding a try (Hmmm -- Ride a fixed gear bike with no brakes on a 45-degree pitched track with 8 to 10 other cyclists jockeying for position? My health insurance is good, but I don’t know if I’m ready to see exactly how good!) it is great to have the amenity so close to home if I ever get my courage up.
On a totally unrelated note, the New York Times had an interesting article about Shimano's new electric component group in today's paper. I think it is probably 3 to 5 years away for recreational riders, but the pros are giving it a whirl this season.

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