Thursday, February 5, 2009

It Just Isn't Fair

Okay. I realize that I live in Colorado. And that we have had a really mild winter.

Today, for instance, it was about 65 degrees.

Today is also Thursday. Do I care if it is 65 degrees on a Thursday?


I do not. I'm a worker bee and I spent from 7 am until 5 pm in a windowless office working on my computer and yammering on conference calls.

Tomorrow is going to be about 60 degrees.

I will also spend tomorrow in my windowless cell.

But on Saturday . . . oh yeah. On Saturday we'll get all geared up and go for a 4 hour bike ride. Depending on the weather report you read, the high temperature will be somewhere between 54 and 49 degrees.

Sunday will be cool and potentially snowy, dooming me to another 2 hour sweat-fest in the basement.

C'mon. That just isn't fair.

Can we get some cooperation from those crazy Canadian cold fronts? I'll gladly let them bluster and blow from Monday through Friday if I can get 60 degree weather on the weekends. . . !

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