Wednesday, May 27, 2009

100 Miles of Nowhere

In April the Fat Cyclist ("Fatty") proposed another great idea for a fund raiser: The 100 Miles of Nowhere ride.

The basic idea of the 100 Miles of Nowhere is that no matter where you are, on May 23 you’re going to either ride your rollers, trainer, or a very small outside course for 100 miles. Or if that sounds like too much, you can do 50 miles.

Or 25.

But, ideally, 100.

And since you will be the only one racing in your age group, gender, category, and region, you are clearly going to win your age/gender/region/category group.

Yeah, that’s right. I’m guaranteeing you are going to win. How often do you get that kind of assurance in a race?

Oh sure, as you ride, you will certainly have qualms, and may find yourself saying things like, “I can’t believe I’m riding my trainer for 100 miles,” or “I can’t believe I’m paying to ride my trainer for 100 miles,” but then you’ll remind yourself, “But I’m doing this for a really, really good cause.”

And that cause, of course, is helping Team Fatty raise money to fight cancer. Out of the $75 registration you pay, $50 will go straight to the Lance Armstrong Foundation (the other $25 pays for boxing and shipping and stuff like that — trust me, nobody’s making a profit here).

Really, a brilliant idea.

I couldn't make myself sign up for it, given the several hundred (maybe even a couple thousand) miles we have already ridden in the pain cave this year.

Those who did sign up seem to have been an extraordinarily talented group. I strongly urge you to get a big mug of coffee and surf on over to Fatty's site
for some of the "race reports" he has shared over the last 3 or 4 days.

This video is simply amazing.

100 Miles of Nowhere from Noodle on Vimeo.

First, she obviously knows what she's doing when it comes to making a video – great pacing, great visuals, and great music. More importantly, she captured the monotony, pain, and mental effort required to complete the challenge. Also, she likes Guinness – brilliant!!

If you are inspired, it isn't too late to donate to her fundraising effort – all donations go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

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