Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today was our personal Lookout Mountain Hill Climb Time Trial. It was nearly a perfect day – highs in the mid-70s and only a slight breeze (7 – 10 mph).

Phil rocked! He set a new personal record (“PR”) of 26 minutes and 34 seconds (measured using Rooney’s Rules, of course).

I believe the Wife Beater #1
has met - maybe even exceeded - Phil’s expectations. Of course, diligent training and losing 10 pounds didn’t hurt, either.

I don’t know what my prior fastest Lookout Mountain time was. So I used today to set the bar.

I rode the Rooney course in 28 minutes 15 seconds. I’m good with that. Pre-ride I just wanted to be sub-30 minutes. Now I have a new goal of breaking 28 minutes. Something to shoot for.

Phil’s high school buddy Mitch is coming to town this evening, so I’m going to take my own advice
and go throw some steaks on the grill – a great way to cap a darn good day.

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