Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall on Boreas Pass

"I think it is lifting."

This was our mantra as we drove from Golden to Boreas Pass this morning. The "it" was the cloud cover.

It was overcast, foggy and the clouds were hovering at tree-top height as we crested Kenosha Pass. Not prime conditions for our planned leaf-peeping mountain bike ride.

Being optimists at heart, each time we saw what looked like a weak sliver of sunlight breaking through the crud, someone would chant the mantra.

The clouds did eventually burn off and we had a wonderful [though quite cool] day to admire the fall colors.
Fresh snowfall just outside Como, Colorado.

Phil and Jeffrey being good sports about having thier photo taken yet again.

Enjoying the view.
At the top of Boreas Pass.

Winter and Fall seem to be arriving hand in hand. [Check out Jeffrey's new rig - sweet! Full suspension 29er.]

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