Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Leadville Training Ride of Season

Last Saturday was our first training ride of the season on the Leadville course. 

Since the lowest altitude for the course is 10,000', we normally have to wait until June for the snow to clear off.

I was excited and nervous to see what my fitness level was, how I would react to the altitude, if I could make it to the top of the St Kevin's climb, and if I would wimp out on the Powerline descent.

What I didn't expect to experience is how emotional I would get when we took off for our training ride.  

Tackling the Leadville 100 has created this huge bond between Joanne and me.  

We have gone from being overwhelmed and terrified of the race, failing miserably the first year, to finally getting our buckles, to repeating finishes, to giving advice to people trying it for the first time.
So, as we were taking off on our first training ride on the course all of these emotions came flooding in, and I just rode in amazement on how lucky I am to have Joanne in my life and that we could share a huge challenge together one more year.  

It was a fantastic day!  

The best weather I think we have ever experienced, met a new friend, made it up St. Kevins without having a heart attack, descended the Powerline with out a wreck or injury, and I experienced it all with my best friend!


  1. Awww. And I was just trying not to die! The altitude is a soul-crusher, and there are several places on the Powerline where a bad choice of line could end badly. Glad to have the first taste under our belts and looking forward to another great ride with my best buddy on Saturday. jcm

  2. Double Awww! Just sweet. Though I am keeping in mind that this romantic interlude included possibilities of heart failure, hypothermia and broken bones. Hey, it's a true metaphor for love. peggy

  3. Man up, stop being such a sissy ;-)