Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yard Projects

It is finally turning into summer and we are now juggling work, longer workouts, and land scaping projects.

Our summer goal for our home is to make a substantial change to the back yard.   It has a very large grass area that takes a lot of time to mow and a lot of cash to water.

We are going to make a smaller grass area, add more fruit trees, move flower beds, put in a raised vegtable garden bed, add some crushed stone walkways, et

The biggest obstacle for progress is that I struggle with how to lay things out and I wish I had Joanne's brother Pat's vision.  Pat's yard in Montana is beautiful!

One of the things that cracks me up ( and sometimes makes me want to swear or cry ) is that when you decide to put something some where, there will be an unforseen obstacle.

Happy Summer Projects to you all !

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  1. We've been playing for three days, but reality will set in tomorrow. Our backyard projects aren't as ambitious as yours. It's time for the fence project to get going. Ron digs. I paint. And brother-in-law Dale will help make cement, dig more holes and set the posts. At least that's the plan.I'll be thinking about you, as we hit this project..Peggy