Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun Ride at the Air Force Academy

My coach had me scheduled for an easy 2 to 3 hour shake-down ride for the beginning of my taper week.   So, we went down and rode the Falcon Trail that circles the Air Force Academy.
Two hours of not too technical swoopy single track - good call by Joanne!
Well worth the drive!

Sunday was an easy spin up Lookout Mtn on our mountain bikes. Even though we took it easy, it was already getting hot, which makes the ride a bit tougher.

Much to our surprise and delight, our friend Peter from the gym was rolling down from the top.  He turned around and rode back to the top with us, which for him was an incredible easy pace since he can ride to the top of Mt Evans in about 2 HOURS!   It was great he took the time to ride with us, and we got to catch up on how his race season was going this year.

In five days 9+ months of training will be done and we will see how I do at Leadville.

Looks like I will make my first goal of getting to the start line healthy this year!  :)


  1. The Falcon Trail is definitely worth the drive south to the Academy. Uncrowded, well-marked, swoopy & fast with only a couple evil switchbacks and one nasty rock garden to hike through.

    Phil is fit, fast and as ready as it is possible to be. Keep your fingers crossed and wish him a fast and safe ride on Saturday.


  2. Will give you cheer as we crew of other r(acer)iders this Saturday! You sure are looking good, fit, and ready!

  3. Yes, we wish you a fast and safe ride @ Leadville. we also hope you have at least a little fun!! We will be waiting and watching for just a note of completion at the end of the day. You can give us all the details in your next post ;). Peggy

  4. Best wishes to you Phil on a solo Leadville journey this year. Jo, sorry to hear about your knee. Marla