Saturday, March 19, 2011

Swimming at Yal Ku

There is snorkeling right in front of our condo, but it has been windy and the water is silty from some pretty big wave action.
So, we drove up the street to the Yal Ku lagoon which is full of fish and calm water.
As we hauled our gear to the car, I noticed a beautiful iguana sunning him ( or her ) self next to the passenger side of the rental car.
It is only about a mile drive to the lagoon, and soon we were snorkeling around in calmer water.
Chasing fish for a couple hours, trying to get some good pictures.
I took a lot of pictures, but most of them were too far away for the flash to show their pretty colors. 

It makes me really appreciate my friend Gary's yearly personalized calendars from his travel and diving adventures!
I guess I will have to plan some more vacations to get some more practice.    ;~)

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  1. And I'm doubly jealous, now!! The pictures that you've posted are mighty fine. ... even the 'beautiful' iguana. Don't feel guilty about this, but the snow just melted out of our yard on Thursday. Love ya both. Peggy