Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welding Lesson - Part One

I am going to build a steel fence around my back yard, hopefully starting this summer.
A friend of mine that I work with in Nebraska was previously a commercial welder, and has built some pretty cool fence around his home in Dix, NE.
Terry has teased me over the last several years, that he has taught his daughters to weld and probably could even teach an engineer.

So, I spent an evening being coached and now I am not sure Terry feels on how coachable this engineer will be?  :)

Terry has several welders, and had a cool set up fro welding fence on his property.  A Lincoln 110 - wire feed on a garden cart.

It was a lot of fun! 
Terry was more than gracious with his time, and I will be back for another lesson or two. 

Terry's advice totally changed my mind on how I will build the fence.  He has built several types and gave me a lot of things to consider.

It will probably take quite a while, but I am looking forward to tackling the project over the next couple years.   ;~)

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  1. Yeah, like stay with wood, boy! Good luck, I have found it really challenging to weld properly.