Friday, September 9, 2011

Building the Columns

I knew that making the columns was going to be a pain, because the concrete pad is on a slope from the driveway to the lawn, compounded by the slope of down hill from East to West.
But this is what Derek is REALLY good at!  Two decades of framing very large, expensive homes in Boulder have allowed him to see about everything and taught him how to make things work.
It took a day longer than Derek thought, but he postponed another job to get it all done to be ready for a stone mason that was between jobs.
Derek patiently suggested how to pre-set for the wall sconces, that would make it easy on the stone mason.   I had a different idea, but finally came around to the fact that his idea was much better.  We got a 2 by 12 rough cut cedar for the stone mason's to stone around and then we would put the wall sconces on latter.

No canned lights on this project - Ron  ;~)

Now it is time to put some rock on....

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  1. I think you need to put this into a 'This Old House' article or something like it. I am still in awe.