Friday, September 2, 2011

Start of our First Garden Harvest

This is our first year of trying to garden. 
 I built these raised planters and mixed in compost, peat moss, perlite & vermiculite, with regular soil.
The tomato plants have done fabulous, since I erected these make shift fences to keep the deer away.

I see gardening as a life time pursuit of learning, and with several failures along the way to hopefully learn from.

This year I planted too many zuchini
underestimated how much room squash take
planted not enough carrots
forgot radishes
the cauliflower, beans, and lettuce got decimated be the deer
I watered the herb garden too much and got nothing
Next year I will only plant two tomato plants instead of three

On the positive side, we have a bumper crop of tomatos and have been enjoying picking cherry tomato's and eating them while we pick them!


  1. One zuchini plant is too many in my opinion. :-)

  2. What does he know??! I guess I won't tell him how much I pay for zucchinis in the off season.

    Gardening is an art, loosely based on science and cosmic forces and the pull of one's stars in the Zodiac. Never boring. Always plant extra for neighbors, deer, aphids, mealy worms, nematodes, moles & rabbits....and garden gnomes. PK