Thursday, September 11, 2008

He's Back

Since the news first broke on Monday I have been inundated with questions from my friends about Lance's return to professional cycling.

First, let me be clear - while I think Lance Armstrong is an amazingly gifted and driven athlete, I've always been of the opinion (based on nothing more than what I read - we are not personal friends . . .) that he's an egotistical ass.

So, my response to the news has been lukewarm at best. Coming out of retirement wasn't such a great idea for Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana . . . and time will tell if Brett Favre made a bonehead move, too.

Athletes at that level seem unable to replace the hole in their lives once they leave competition.

So, I don't get it. From my perspective Lance has everything to lose and nothing to gain. There have been several articles since Monday in VeloNews, and where many others share that opinion.

Only time will tell. But I have to say I'm baffled about how competing in professional cycling events is going to "raise awareness of the global cancer burden."

Maybe it will all make sense after his press conference on the 24th. Hmmm.

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