Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hit & Run - Update to Winter Park Post

In the post about our Winter Park weekend I left out perhaps the very best part. Well, a weird part, anyway.

As Phil and I rode up to catch the Tipperary Creek trailhead, several squirrels were playing the universal squirrel game of "chicken." You know what I mean - they hover at the side of the road and then dart across in front of traffic, usually a motor vehicle. However, on that particular morning, with nothing more ominous then two sort of sweaty mountain bikers on the horizon, two little guys made their move.

And I ran over one of them. Just like that. Thump; ka-chunk.

I didn't have time to avoid Mr Squirrel, and swerving would have caused me to take down Phil in the middle of the road, so I just kept my eyes ahead and turned the pedals. Ick. Squirrels are definitely lumpier than rattlesnakes (I ran over one of them up on South Table Mountain in the last year).

I don't know if I killed the squirrel, but it didn't look good for him as I rode away. It's bad enough that you have to avoid roots and rocks and tree stumps and branches while mountain biking. But squirrels? I hadn't counted on that.

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  1. Happy belated anniversary. Good grief, it's been a busy week or two. Between anniversaries, birthdays and smooshed squirrel lead a fascinating life. ~PD