Sunday, September 14, 2008

Track Cycling

One of the great things about living in the Denver area is the abundance of recreational opportunities - both as spectators and as participants. While I'd usually opt to go for a ride on a gorgeous autumn Saturday, I talked Phil and Jeffrey into going down to Colorado Springs to watch some of the 2008 USA Cycling Collegiate Track National Championships.

Even though I've been an avid recreational cyclist since the mid-80s, I've never paid attention to track cycling, and don't know much about it. We watched the men's team pursuit and the women's match sprints.
The match sprints seemed to have a lot of tactics involved, while the team pursuit involved 4 guys on each team just going all out until someone blew up and fell off the back - then the remaining three tried to stay together until the end.

We rounded out the day by stopping to watch some of the Pikes Peak SuperCross event at Bear Creek Park in Colorado Springs. It was fun to watch the mounts, dismounts and near-misses. Maybe we can do that after all . . .

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