Friday, October 31, 2008

Adventures for 2009

With autumn waning and winter looming our thoughts have turned to planning adventures for the new year. But we are conflicted. There are more adventures to entice us than time available to play.

Most years by late January/early February we are ready for a break from winter.

Should we sign up for the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo mountain bike race?

Should we take a 4-day weekend to Cabo San Lucas /Cancun /Cozumel /Playa del Carmen and bask on the beach? Maybe play some early season golf? Typically we spend a 4-day weekend with Phil’s boss golfing at PGA West in Palm Springs, CA during late March – early April. A little Mexican warm-up might get us ready to win a few more bets when we attempt to hustle the boss . . .

Or maybe we ship our road bikes down to Solvang, California and do a week long “training camp” on the roads used by the US Postal/Discovery Channel team and also by the Tour of California? San Diego is also an option for some early road miles.

In 2006 and 2008 we rode the Kokopelli Trail with a supported tour (“Bikerpelli”) in early May. Should we do that again or try something completely different? Like a luxurious trip in the Moab area?

Another fabulous option is a trip to Boulder, Utah where we could mountain bike on boulder Mountain and the Burr Trail, ride our road bikes over the hogback to Escalante, do some crazy canyoneering, and top off our active days with amazing meals at Hell's Backbone Grill?

What do you think? Post a comment and vote (or send me an e-mail if the whole comment thing is too confusing.)


  1. Surprise, vote is the beach vacation. If you find an odd piece of luggage it's just me....your stowaway. Just leave me on the opposite end of the beach. I will find my way back home, or not! ~PD

  2. I vote for ........
    ahhhh - I can't decide!
    I want to do it all!!!!

  3. Well all the choices sound incredibly amazing to me and initially the beach one sounds most appealing. But I think I vote for Moab, I think the scenery would be incredible! This voting was much more fun than what we get to do tomorrow!

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