Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dancing With the Stars

Except for the Tour de France - and the last quarter of most Broncos games - I rarely watch television. I don't have anything against TV, I just don't find anything entertaining when I flip through the channels.

But I do have my one guilty pleasure – Dancing With the Stars. I started watching it the year Emmitt Smith was competing.

Some seasons the show has a more engaging cast than others; some seasons the level of competition is quite high.

This season, I'm disappointed. First, look at the remaining line-up:

Aaron Carter
Chuck Liddell
Debi Mazar
Donny Osmond
Joanne Krupa
Kelly Osbourne
Louie Vito
Mark Dacascos
Melissa Joan hart
Michael Irvin
Natalie Coughlin
Tom DeLay

Other than Donny Osmond, I can't say that any of the other contestants rise to the level of "celebrity," much less "Star". My first reaction to most of the names on the list is "who?"

All the contestants seem engaged and they appear to be working hard, but I am just not interested. No one has caught my attention and made me want to root for them. Oh, Kelly Osbourne was a nice surprise, but I don't really care whether or not she makes it to next week.

So, I think I'm over it for this season. Monday evenings just opened up on my calendar.

Now I have time to fit in that yoga class I keep saying I want to attend . . .

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  1. Have to say I am SHOCKED that you watch! Samantha Harris is my aunt's neice so I have watched the past few seasons but am definitely not into it this year. Which makes Tom very happy:-)