Friday, October 23, 2009

Movie Review - Race Across the Sky

After weeks of anticipation we saw Race Across the Sky - The Leadville Trail 100 2009 mountain bike race movie last night.

The photography was great, and the graphics showing the course were really well done. I think it helped our friends who haven't seen certain sections of the course visualize what we have described.

My only disappointment is that the movie's focus was too narrow. The Lance vs. Dave story is really only one of hundreds of compelling stories that could be told. Nearly every competitor has a story worth telling - their motivation, the hardships they have overcome, physical challenges, etc. A couple of those human interest angles were explored, but only superficially.

I think I've mentioned 24 Solo and Off Road to Athens in prior posts. Those movies take the time to develop the human interest angles, and I think they tell a more compelling story than Race Across the Sky does.

All that aside - I loved the film. It was exciting to watch it and relive the day.

I have to give it 4.5 stars - BECAUSE I'M IN IT!!

As the credits roll, in a don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it moment, there is a close-up shot of me! I was so surprised I blurted out "that's ME", amusing everyone in several seats near us. Now I just have to wait for the DVD release so I can watch that nano-second in super slo-mo . . . over & over again!


  1. You know, you should really start writing up some of those other stories. I still think about the family with the signs, waiting for Dad to cross the line. What DID happen to him? Why and how is the 12 hour cut-off only part of the story? I'll bet you'd get published in a heart-beat.

    Congrats on the being in the movie part. You're already famous in our book! Can I have your autograph?? Peggy

  2. I would give it a 3.5 stars. Nothing against Lance, but it was too much about Lance. I thought the movie was too shallow and did not have enough charcter development. Also, there are 1,395 other stories out there that they could have covered.

    Although, I loved Joanne's cameo appearance at the end! :) PK