Saturday, October 10, 2009

Too Cold to Cowboy

Here's a photo of the newly refinished floors; a light stain with a satin finish - they really look nice. I didn't realize how beat up they had gotten until I saw the "after."

So . . . this is the temperature at 9 am - an hour after I should have been at the cyclocross race. (Top temp is outside; bottom is inside. Maybe Phil has a point about me keeping the house too cold . . .!)
We didn't get a lot of snow; just enough to make the roads icky so you needed plenty of window washer fluid if you ventured out.

But it was just too cold for me to compete in the cyclocross race today. Hopefully, it will be warmer in a couple weeks when the next race with a "beginner" category takes place.

Rex was glad I stayed home - he got some extra belly rubbing and ear scratching.


  1. Remember, you learned about home temperature management from Madolin...61F seems balmy against what I remember. :)TK

  2. Exactly! Whenever Phil starts wearing his Carhart coat inside - with the hood up - I remind him I was raised by a thrifty Scot during the 70s energy crisis. He is not impressed. And he is terribly concerned about how low the temp will go once I start having hot flashes!

  3. As well he should be. Now that I look back, Mom & Dad's refrigerated bedroom was probably the result of HER hot flashes!!!
    Tell Phil to buy lots of candles and keep them lit. At least that will thaw his fingers....or he can come visit us. Maybe he could put heat in the garage. Peggy