Sunday, January 31, 2010

Man Killer

You may recall that Phil celebrated his 50th year by buying a couple new bikes, which we - tongue in cheek - refer to as the Wife Beaters.

After serious consideration, I have decided to even the playing field once again.

Sometime this week I plan to place my order for a new mountain bike. We shall call my new toy what it is meant to be – Man Killer. Grrrr!

This is a Pivot Mach 4 dual suspension mountain bike. The women’s specific frame colors available from the manufacturer are baby blue and pink. When will sporting equipment manufacturers realize that just because they “shrink it & pink it” they are not catering to the female athlete?
Anyway, as luck would have it, the size frame I need (an XXSmall) has the same frame geometry, whether you buy the “women’s” version or the standard version. So, thank goodness, I can get a black anodized frame rather than a pink one.
A pink Man Killer lacks a certain gravitas, don’t you think?
Details on my component selection will follow. I plan to build this baby so light it floats uphill without any help from me! The local bike shop is about to have a very lucrative month . . .


  1. Very cool! If I was more your size I would ask if you had any hand-me-downs:-) ENJOY!!!

  2. Man up and get the pink!