Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ouch . . .and Brrr!

So . . . maybe it's a good thing that I can't ride a wheelie for more than a microsecond! [Sure puts Danny MacAskill's tricks into perspective.]

We rode outside on Sunday - high for the day was 36 degrees - which lasted for about 17 minutes - with wind and frequent snow flurries.

We were supposed to do a 4 - 5 hour ride.

I just couldn't handle it - notwithstanding the heavyweight tights, winter cycling boots, skullcap, balaclava, 3 winter tops + warm jacket I had on. I bailed after 90 minutes. Phil rode the whole route and returned home frozen to core.

We are really looking forward to sneaking in some riding in Phoenix this weekend when we visit Phil's family. Even if it is 50 degrees it will feel like summer to us!

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  1. Have a great trip! Enjoy the sunshine and the fabulous Southwestern food. Are you golfing as well? It was -23 this morning and we have snow. It seriously looks and feels like winter. Hooray for that. Peggy