Monday, January 4, 2010


I haven't posted a whole lot about our current training regimen and plans for the 2010 cycling season. So, here is a little update.

As you may recall, last year we worked with a cycling coach, Nat Ross.  We learned a lot from Nat and enjoyed the experience, but decided we would try something different this season. We now have 5 years experience training for Leadville, and have quite an arsenal of workouts and training plans to draw from. In addition, we are also using a variety of plans developed by Lynda Wallenfels, an ultra-endurance mountain bike goddess.

Currently we are in week 9 of Lynda's 12 week Winter Training Plan for Endurance Mountain Bikers, as modified to accommodate our work schedules, the crappy weather and our old age!

One area of the Wallenfels plan we have modified based on our prior experience is strength training. We have put together a pretty rigorous plan that combines functional flexibility, core strengthening exercises (especially focused on low back – often a cyclist's weak spot), and strength and balance work. Phil has even grudgingly started going to yoga once a week!

We will wrap up that plan after the first week in February, then take a week-long break (during which we'll play some golf, eat far too much rich food and drink some adult beverages in Palm Springs with Phil's boss).

On February 8 we'll learn whether we will be racing our bikes at the Leadville Trail 100 or volunteering and supporting other racers this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

In mid-February we'll start the 12 week Expert Cross Country Base Training Plan, again, tweaking it as needed to accommodate our work schedules, etc.

In March we are going to sneak in a big training block. You may recall we did a spring training trip to Solvang, California last year. This year we are going to try to do something similar in Texas. Texas Hell Week will hopefully give us a great jump start on our spring fitness, while giving us a chance to sample Shiner Bock fresh from the brewery.

In May we are taking a mountain bike trip with Jeffrey, Colleen & Lowry to the White Rim, in Utah. I'm already anxiously anticipating that trip.

The rest of the season is somewhat dependant on whether we got into the Leadville race. If we are in, Memorial Day weekend will see us begin very focused training, at altitude, for the race. If we didn't get in, we'll still ride our bikes until we're cross-eyed every chance we get, but we'll probably drink a few more beers and eat a few more chips than we otherwise would.

So . . . that is the big picture overview. Boring details are sure to follow!

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  1. Very nice. I'll check out the links. I have also applied and we'll all soon find out. Again, thanks for the links,