Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Great Weekend

The weekend started with our first bike race of the season, the Front Range 50 mountain bike race.

Race day was brisk (about 35 degrees at the 830 am start, and maybe 52 by the end), but dry and sunny!   Unfortunately, being the novice blogger that I am I forgot my camera to take pictures of the race.  But we did get a cool sticker in the race packet.

Joanne did 30 miles, or 3 laps of the race, and pulled out before the other races funneling onto the course made it crazy. I unfortunately did not know her wise plan and continued on.  

On the fourth lap several groups of 8 to 12 riders in the Expert class came by me in a tight twisty area of single-track.  The Experts are much stronger riders than Joanne or me.   Ther are all fighting for position on a 2 lap race, so they are going hard and furious.   Riders were passing me on both my left and right sides. I got frazzled, which led to hitting a rock wrong, and WHAM! I was down with two Expert class racers landing on top of me.

Luckily for me I only got a couple of bruises and a good stinger.   The fifth and final lap for me was just the opposite of the fourth's chaos.  The shorter races were done, the faster racers on the 50 mile race were done, and there I was with a fraction of the riders on a sunny dry day.   I spent the whole last lap trying to catch and pass other riders and finished stronger than I expected.

We woke up to a beautiful Sunday, which was probably our nicest weather yet this year.   Sunny and in the mid 60's.

The day started with YOGA to loosen up our sore muscles.

Rolling in the dirt for Fritz and Rex!
Eating on the patio for the first time this year!
Getting some of our gear ready for our mountain biking vacation in Canyonlands National Park by Moab, Utah.  We are heading out next weekend for a 4 day trip on the White Rim with our friends Lowry, Colleen, and Jeffrey.   

Lowry and Colleen called and left a message on our phone saying they were sorting out camping gear.  When I heard that message I instantly got pumped up!   One week until we are riding in a living postcard with good friends, catered food, and sleeping in a tent with my best friend.

To top it off, we are supposed to get a big spring snow storm this week, which makes us appreciate a warm weather vacation even more.

We hope your Mother's Day weekend was special as well.

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  1. Sounds great (except for the crash-ya gotta quit doin' that Phil). Yesterday was the best weather in 10 days, so it made the Women's run a very pleasant experience. The temp at race start was about 38. Because it stayed fairly cool, I finished much stronger than I do when it's warmer. Have a great trip. Bring back recipes!! PK