Monday, May 3, 2010

Lost & Found!

Fritz went missing Sunday afternoon.

I walked around the neighborhood calling his name several times last night, this morning, and then this afternoon.

Then I started checking neighborhood sheds; he was locked up in a garden shed - and not very happy about it from the sounds he was making!

So, he is grounded!  Rex is outside playing and Fritz is wandering around pissed that he cannot go out, but having him home makes me and Joanne both happy ~ !!


  1. House arrest is letting him off too easy after scaring the heck out of you. I suppose better a shed than a pickup truck, but still....No easy answer for the freedom of choice. Peggy

  2. Fritz has gone AWOL twice now. The first time he was missing for over 3 days in the dead of winter. He had wandered into a neighbor's garage attic while the neighbor was putting away holiday decorations. This little adventure was no big deal by comparison, but it still caused me and Phil to each lose a night's sleep, since Phil had to chase a large fox out of the area Sunday evening - at the same time Fritz was missing. We feared the worst.

  3. OK, back to house arrest being a VERY good idea!