Friday, May 21, 2010

Snow to Desert and Back for Summer

I always hate leaving our cats when we go on vacation, but Joanne is right when she says they wouldn't have much fun tagging along with us.   However, the look that they give us as we leave tells a different story.

Our mountain bike vacation to the desert started with a snow storm in the mountains the night before we left.  We were very lucky that we decided to leave early Saturday morning rather than after work on Friday; the trip over the mountain passes would have been miserable.
Our friend Jeffrey showed up right on time at 630 am, and then we made the quick trip to Glenwood Springs for a fun stop to see what is new at the cave (Glenwood Caverns).  As usual, Steve has new and exciting things for visitors to do.
After a quick tour of Glenwood Caverns we hurried on down the road to Moab, Utah to meet up with Lowry and Colleen and start our latest adventure.
Our 2010 spring adventure was a catered 4 day mountain bike vacation on the White Rim Trail within Canyonlands National Park.   Four days of riding our mountain bikes with buddies, sleeping under the stars, drinking beer, and enjoying great meals.   Yee Ha!!!

To put the trail into perspective, this picture is from  the trailhead; the little dot on the road is a truck!
The White Rim Trail is on this layer of sandstone and goes for over 100 miles in a big loop.   There are spectacular rock formations and canyons to be seen on every mile of the trip.  You can do the trip on a dirt bike motorcycle or a stout 4WD vehicle, but we prefer a slower, more personal method - mountain biking.

I love sharing this trip with Joanne, because she truly loves riding her bike!  

(more posts to come)

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