Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Traditions Continued

It's spring, and time for our friends JAC and Celina Claudon to come back from Puerto Rico and head back up to their summer home in Glenwood Springs.   I have dropped them off and picked them up at the airport for the last five years.  In return they leave their pickup for us to use.

What I love the most is seeing them enjoying life as an adventure.  Every year it is such a joy for me to have them stay over at our house on their journey to the next adventure.
I was lucky to make friends with JAC and Celina during the Glenwood Caverns project.  I soon discovered that JAC is one of the hardest workers I have ever met in my life.  

So, I was lucky that JAC decided to pitch in and help plant my fruit trees.  I was totally spent from digging the holes and then helping cart 600 # root balls around to the holes.   In true JAC fashion, he quickly took the hardest job and then did his best to accelerate progress.

He is always thinking on how to save a step or not make a mistake that will waste time.  He is truly amazing to work with. 
When we ran out of dirt to backfill with, it was time for some Mexican food and a walk down town to settle supper.

As in years past, they were both up the next day hours before us waiting patiently to say goodbye.

Then they were off to their summer home which is built into a cave in the side of a cliff. 

I did mention they live life as an adventure didn't I?

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  1. Of course they love to include you two in their adventures. You also have the gift of enjoying life and seeking out adventures. Besides, you really are the host and hostess with the mostest! Peggy
    PS your grass looks really green, and really long?