Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Start of Yard Projects

It is finally spring, and it is now time to start juggling yard projects and increased training volume.  The weather is still pretty iffy and when we get a nice day it is a hard choice between working on the yard or going for a ride.

This weekend I didn't have a choice for several reasons.  First, our friends Jac and Celina are coming back from Puerto Rico on Tuesday, so my free use of their pick-up is about to go away.   They are friends of ours from the cave project in Glenwood Springs.   This is the fourth year they have wintered in Puerto Rico. They leave their pick-up parked at our house over the winter.   I take them to, and pick them up from, the airport, and in return I get to use their truck.  Some years their pick-up has sat idle in the back parking lot all winter, but this year I used it about 6 times.   Hauling a snowblower to get repaired, getting landscape material, etc.    It never fails, as soon as they take it back to Glenwood Springs something will come up that I really could have used it for.  Reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to use it in the winter.

The second reason was that I am planting 5 fruit trees in the back yard this year.  I ordered them and then bad weather interfered with digging the holes and an opportunity to hire some high school kids to help.  So, today was an all out push to get holes dug.
I worked hard Saturday after the rain cleared up, hit it hard again on Sunday and still managed to sneak in a ride up Lookout Mtn at lunch with our neighbor, Nick.   I got the holes done this evening just as it started to rain again - even though the afternoon effort was pretty slow after doing the bike ride!  As my caving buddies would say, "I'm spanked" and it is now time for an advil, hot bath and bed!

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