Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Visit from Ron and Peggy

Joanne's sister Peggy and husband Ron came down from Hardin, Montana for a visit over  the Easter weekend.
Ron and Pegggy took a walking tour around Golden while Joanne and I were at work on Friday morning.  It was sunny on Friday, but windy and cold.   Ron and I went to the driving range that afternoon, but the cold wind wasn't so helpful with our practicing.  At least that is my excuse!  :)

On Saturday we took off on the Joanne "Bataan Death March" for a bagel breakfast! 
Saturday wasn't windy and the walk was a great way to visit and share the outdoors around Golden.   Then we all went up to Copper Mountain to see Rich, Barb and Kevin Ferris.
We had an excellent supper together.

While at the Copper condo I took advantage of having two of the handiest brother-in-laws on the planet.    Here are Rich and Ron fixing the blind in the living room that was installed poorly by the "professionals".

It was fun to hang out and visit.   I hope it happens again soon.

Safe travels home Ron and Peggy!


  1. We sort of ate our way through the visit: Rachel brought over mini-cupcakes from Happy Cakes on Thursday; we had a great dinner at Red Tango on Friday; great bagels Saturday morning (which we earned by way of the Bataan Bagel March); and a fancy shmancy dinner for Barb's birthday Saturday night. Whew. Good thing we don't get a lot of company or Phil and I won't ever make our way to race weight this season! jcm

  2. Well since I told everyone that I travel to eat, I guess you were just trying to accommodate me!! You didn't mention the two delicious meals you made for us at home.
    It was a wonderful get-together, and we're so happy that we could make it work. Thanks for the dinners,your hospitality, and the condo 'digs', too! It's always a treat to spend time with you both. However, Mitzi and Maude were very happy to see us come home. The Other PK